Scania’s 2012 sales figures indicate slight decline

Swedish truck manufacturer Scania has seen a 15 per cent decline in truck deliveries in 2012, according to the company’s Annual Report. Compared to 2011, truck deliveries amounted to a total of 61,051 units.

“In the uncertain economic situation facing us, it is important that we concentrate our resources and set the right priorities,” said Martin Lundstedt, Scania CEO and President.

“Meanwhile, we know that demand for vehicles and services will increase once economic activity recovers. We will strengthen our presence in emerging markets and continue to develop new high quality products that boost customer profitability – this is our focus for 2013.”

Lundstedt says the continued currency strength of the Swedish Krona placed ‘price pressure’ on vehicles manufactured in Scania’s home country, and operating income globally fell by 33 per cent. He also acknowledged the great uncertainty about the economic situation especially in Europe, with the company announcing that it will continue to adjust the cost levels in all parts of the company.

“But we will not compromise on our first core value: customer first,” Lundstedt declared. “We will prioritise development projects that lead to new products and services that give our customers the potential to boost their revenue and reduce costs.”

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