Scania working on auto-pilot for heavy traffic

Ever wished you didn’t have to drive in a painstaking traffic jam? While traffic jams will probably keep on happening as the freight task continues to increase, Scania is testing an auto-pilot function that can drive the truck during heavy traffic.

According to the Swedish truck brand, the function allows the driver the freedom to take his or her hands off the steering wheel and feet off the pedals and relax or catch up with work that would otherwise be impossible to do while driving.

Scania said whenever the system is active, steering, braking, acceleration and gearshifts are controlled by the vehicle.

The truck will follow the flow of traffic in the traffic jam, moving and stopping as is necessary.

Laterally, the truck will follow the lane that it is currently in or the preceding vehicle if there is no clear lane.

A driver can then perform secondary tasks while keeping tabs on what is happening around the truck using a new smartphone app.

“In the app, the user can read and write emails, surf the web, work with the Scania fleet management portal or enjoy a movie, for example, all while information about the surroundings and system status is shown around the edges of the display,” said Scania.

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