Scania wins Green Truck Award

A Scania R 500 truck has won this year’s ‘Green Truck Award’ – a German fuel test, highlighting low fuel consumption, according to the Sweden-based commercial vehicle manufacturer

Scania’s new truck generation, with its updated 13-litre engine ensured that Scania took the prize – again. European hauliers appreciate the lowest fuel consumption, highest average speeds and lowered C02 effects that help to keep costs and environmental impacts low.

With an average fuel consumption of 24.92 litre/100km and an average speed of 79.91 km/h on the same 350 km long test track, the difference between Scania and the next best competitor was 0.4 litre per every 100km. Translated into a typical annual mileage for a long-distance truck of 150,000 kilometres, the difference adds up to 600 litres annually.

“The ‘Green truck Award’ is a unique comparison test since it has this total focus on what matters most to our customers from a cost and sustainability perspective,” said Wolfgang Buschan, Product Director, Long Haulage, Scania Trucks. “The fact that we won the award again this year is extremely flattering.”

Scania's much-anticipated new generation models were unveiled in Sydney earlier this month.

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