Scania to include Peak Efficiency Programme with every truck

Scania Australia is now including a four-hour Peak Efficiency training programme with every new truck sold by the company. The aim of the programme is to ensure that Scania drivers and customers are able to extract the maximum efficiency and safety from the vehicle and its systems, as well as promote a driving style that minimises component wear and reduces driver fatigue.

Alan McDonald, Scania’s Master Driver Coach, usually delivers the programme in a one-on-one situation and demand for the programme has grown such that Alan is now supported by a small team of well trained and highly qualified driver trainers.

The initial module of the programme covers some theory and vehicle familiarisation and can be carried out away from the vehicle, although Alan is also able to deliver the information while riding “shot gun.”

“We do not want to inconvenience customers when delivering the programme, so we fit in with when it suits them and this can include riding along,” Alan said. “We want to make sure that the driver is happy with the vehicle and we coach the driver as we drive along on his regular daily route or journey.”

The Scania Driver Support System is an in-dash digital display that provides positive comments to the driver on subjects such as anticipation of hill driving, brake use, road condition anticipation and even gear selection if the transmission is in manual mode. The Peak Efficiency Programme teaches the drivers to benefit of the feedback that the on-board support system provides leading to improved fuel economy, increased safety, improved uptime and reduced need for vehicle repairs.

“Since we launched the Peak Efficiency Programme we have delivered more than 100 training sessions,” said Ron Szulc, Scania Brand and Communication Manager. “Alan has wide experience as a driver coach and mentor, but this programme is focused on extracting maximum efficiency from the vehicle for the operator,” Ron continued.

In addition to the four hours of Alan’s one-on-one expertise, Scania are providing on-going training and coaching to further improve the reduction in running costs and whole of life costs that operators face.

“We found traditional ‘driver training’ programme benefits mostly provided only short-term ‘sugar hits’, while our longer term coaching programme has a longer term impact and ability to generate and sustain a reduction in running costs per kilometre,” Ron told us.

The programme also involves daily checks, seating comfort and cab ergonomics, along with the Scania Opticruise automated manual transmission, the Scania Retarder and Downhill Speed Control and optional systems such as lane departure and adaptive cruise control.

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