Scania to concentrate on fuel economy at Perth Truck Expo

At the biennial Perth Truck and Trailer Expo, taking place in the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on July 26 to 28 this year, Swedish truck brand Scania will be demonstrating methods that could directly effect trucking businesses' bottom lines.

According to press release, the company will be talking about their range of solutions which are part of their cost reduction strategy known as 'Ecolution'.

The suite of solutions on offer will include the drivetrain efficiency a modern truck can offer, but will also focus on Scania's Peak Efficiency Program, Optimised Vehicle Specifications, Driver Coaching and Tailored Maintenance Programs.

On display will also be a life-size representation of the Scania Streamline, which is expected to be released onto our market later this year after its launch in Europe a couple of months ago. The display will show the improved aerodynamics possible with tweaks to the truck's design as well as other technical changes to maximise fuel efficiency.

“Scania will have something for everyone at the Perth Truck Show,” said Ron Szulc, Scania Australia Brand and Communication Manager. “We will be looking forward to meeting operators who are keen to improve their profitability and maximise the efficiency of their fleets, as we have a variety of solutions to achieve this. Scania is committed to improving productivity for its customers and has the right tools for the job.”

Also on display at the Expo will be the Scania Black Amber V8 R Series prime mover, rated at 620 hp, finished in metallic flake paintwork, carbon fibre flames on the doors and fitted with an interior created by Scania's customisation guru Svempa.

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