Scania supply chain disruptions unlikely to impact Australia

A projected two week supply chain disruption and component shortage in its European factories isn't expected to have much of a long term effect on Scania Australia.

The commercial vehicle manufacturer is confident its lead times, stock on hand and en route via ship will insulate it against any supply shortages according to a spokesperson.

This follows an announcement this week that production of most European units would stop from 25 March as a result of disruptions to supplier and logistics partners caused by the spread of Covid-19 in Europe.

“To ensure our customers' vitally important transports for society, our service workshops and parts centres will continue their operations,” Scania Chief Executive Henrik Henriksson said in a statement.

Scania expected the closure to last for two weeks and said it would directly affect workers at the company's plants in Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

Based in Sweden, Scania employs 52,000 people worldwide and produces 100,000 trucks and buses a year, 80 per cent of which are made in Europe.

Any further disruptions to shipping schedules could further impact arrival times of vehicles locally the Scania Austraia spokesperson said.

“We have good stocks so unless there’s a specific specification or chassis configuration, we should be fine.”

At present Scania carried a reasonable supply of 6×4 prime movers across the range, includind some 8×4 hooklift chassis.

In June a new variant, a 540 horsepower six-cylinder truck, was scheduled for arrival and it was likely already in transit.

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