Scania Safety Vest debuts at the VTA Drive Day

Swedish truck brand Scania is highlighting a wide range of active and passive safety systems at the VTA Drive Days today. To highlight the brand's commitment to safety, the company covered a G 480 prime mover in a XXXXL-sized Safety Vest.

“We have dressed a static display prime mover in an XXXXL-sized graphic Safety Vest as a bold statement of Scania’s commitment to driver safety,” says Ron Szulc, Scania Brand and Communications Manager.

“Just as the hi-viz safety vest worn by many drivers on a daily basis helps to signify their presence and provide a degree of safety, in what can be for many, potentially hazardous working environments, so the Scania prime mover, with its many safety features acts as a safety vest for the driver on the road. Scania has a strong and long-standing focus on providing a safe and comfortable workplace for drivers.

“This starts with an all-steel safety cab that exceeds the tough Swedish impact test standards that are themselves more stringent than the ECE R29 Cab Strength regulations. It includes class-leading driver visibility, easy cab access on stepladder-like steps, a highly adjustable driver’s seat, comfortable and wide bunk and an effective air conditioning system. We also have excellent sound insulation in the cab, which also helps to reduce fatigue on a long day’s drive.

“Scania also fits a driver’s airbag to the collapsible steering column of each truck sold in Australia. Seat belt pretensioners are standard, along with Traction Control, Electronic Brake System, which incorporates an Anti-lock Brake System. We also provide four hours of vehicle optimisation instruction with every new delivery, via our Scania Peak Efficiency Programme. This bolsters driver and road safety, as well as ensuring the vehicle is driven in the most fuel efficient manner, reducing wear and tear, and thus benefiting the operator’s profitability,” Ron says.

Scania also offers the ability for customers to specify additional modern electronic driver safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning, while Electronic Stability Control is available on 6×4 configuration vehicles as well as 6x2s and 4x2s.

Scania has also just begun delivering vehicles in Australia fitted as standard with a new H7 super bright halogen headlamp that offers a wide dipped beam. A new Daytime Running Lamp System has also been deployed in these clusters. Scania customers may also option Xenon headlamps as found on many European luxury cars.

For 20 years, Scania has been offering the market the Scania Retarder, an auxiliary hydro-mechanical braking system that puts up to 3500 Nm of braking torque in the driver’s hands, leaving the service brakes of the vehicle combination cool and fresh for deployment only in an emergency.

In addition, features such as Downhill Speed Control ensure that the vehicle can remain safely in the driver’s control and within the legal speed limits even when negotiating steep declines on the highway, improving trip times.

At the 2013 Sandown VTA Drive Day, Scania will have four prime movers from its wide range of safe and economical vehicles on display. Both the 6-cylinder R 480 SCR, and V8-powered R 620 SCR Highline Cab vehicles will be available for dynamic display in the hands of a Scania professional Master Driver Trainer on the circuit.

The mid-size G 480 SCR prime mover wearing its hi-viz Safety Vest will be used to explain Scania technology in a static display, while an urban delivery P 440 SCR prime mover hooked up to a trailer, can be experienced on a brief road drive route.

Scania’s professional Master Driver Trainers will be on hand to explain the bottom-line benefits of Scania’s Peak Efficiency Programme. The company will also demonstrate how its fleet management system can deliver real time information on fleet performance.

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