Scania reveals new engine series

Scania has introduced a fourth engine family to its Euro 6 lineup, a selection of seven-litre engines for urban applications.

According to Scania, the new DC07 engine family comes in three power levels of 220, 250 and 280hp.

The new seven-litre engines are the smallest truck engines Scania has offered in decades, in terms of both displacement and external dimensions, and they are predicted to be in demand among both existing and new customers for applications such as distribution and waste collection.

“With our new engine family we are significantly broadening our offering for the growing number of customers that have the city as their main arena,” said Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks.

“Characteristics such as a 360kg reduction in weight and a significant reduction in fuel consumption meet the needs for sustainable transport solutions typical of growing cities. But despite the format, this doesn’t mean we’ve made any concessions when it comes to typical Scania characteristics such as performance, robustness and uptime.”

The new inline six has been developed together with Cummins and reportedly boasts good low-rev characteristics and a fixed geometry turbocharger, and it uses only selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for the exhaust gas after-treatment for Euro 6.

“The Scania DC07 is based on a well-known and robust six-cylinder engine,” said Anna Wingren, Assistant Chief Engineer, Scania R&D.

“With that as the starting point we’ve added Scania’s accumulated knowledge about advanced diesel engines, including our own technology. We’ve developed a Scania platform offering unparalleled characteristics for applications where a torque beyond the 1,200 Nm this engine provides is not required by hauliers.”

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