Scania puts drivers first

Whether the driver is plying the city streets or crossing the vast Nullarbor, Scania’s vehicles are designed to reduce stress and fatigue and actively promote safety for all road users.

Its impact tested all-steel cab design, which beats European standards, together with ABS, electronic braking control, traction control, and the availability of ESP all add to the driving experience. Driver comfort is also enhanced by a fully adjustable seat and adjustable steering wheel equipped with an airbag.

Scania cabs are designed to be quiet and well damped and the R-series includes a fridge and freezer tucked under the bunk to provide easy access to refreshment on the journey.

The recent ‘roadshow’ around Australia was used to demonstrate the strength of the Scania V8 range. A series of drivers were given the opportunity to see how the vehicles performed on the best and worst Australian road conditions.

Highly experienced heavy vehicle driving instructor, Lindsay Pollock, completed much of the 14,000km lap of Australia in the Scania R 730, R 620 and R 560 V8s.

“Our drive took in some of the toughest conditions in Australia, across to Perth and back, up through the Centre to Mount Isa and Longreach, then into Brisbane and back to Melbourne via Sydney,” explains Lindsay.

“The trucks completed the drive with no problems at all, pulling 60 tonnes, and sometimes 77 tonnes as a B-triple.

“I think the R 730 is the best truck I have ever driven, after a lifetime of American and some European trucks.

“The difference is very noticeable in the Scanias. Aside from the pulling power of the V8s, they are very quiet in the cab and the biggest revelation was the Scania Opticruise automated gear-changing,” he says.

“Seat quality and comfort was second to none and there’s lots of space behind the wheel for drivers of every shape and size.

“The computer display allows you to easily check a wide variety of functions on the go, even the AdBlue reserve, using the controls on the steering wheel. You can set the cruise control without taking your eyes off the road.

“When we drove from Longreach to Dalby, along possibly the roughest road in Australia, the ride quality was exceptional.

“The steering is very direct and responsive. You can very accurately position the vehicle on the road, and it doesn’t need constant correction. You are never fighting the truck, which means you have more time to study the road ahead and plan your braking. It’s really a breeze to drive.”

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