Scania/MAN collaboration

The two Volkswagen owned truck manufacturers, Scania and MAN, have announced they intend to investigate the possibilities of collaboration on component supply and development. This is a return to the situation of cooperation on componentry the two companies were discussing over five years ago before the bidding war and attempted takeover of Scania by MAN led to the two companies eventually coming under Volkswagen ownership.

The collaboration projects will include the adaptation by Scania of its manual gearbox for use in MAN trucks, and Scania using MAN’s rear axle and transfer cases in some of its heavy-duty trucks. The companies have also agreed to pursue a joint research project on hybrid components for their trucks and buses.

“After a preliminary analysis, we have concluded that with this kind of joint component supply there are potential synergies without jeopardising our strong brand identities and individuality of our products,” said Leif Ostling, President and CEO of Scania. “Both companies and all shareholders should profit from the collaboration.”

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