Scania launches 2014 Driver Competitions

Scania is launching its fourth Australia-wide search to find the country’s best truck and best bus driver as part of the 2014 Driver Competitions, which is expected to attract an estimated 85,000 drivers from 40 countries.

According to Scania, competition judges will be seeking drivers who can display a superior standard of fuel-efficient driving, manoeuvring and safety, in order to find the best truck and bus drivers. The winners of each category will be awarded with prizes worth $10,000.

“Scania believes the driver is the single most important asset for economy, environment and safety,” said Ron Szulc, Scania Australia Brand and Communications Manager. “The Scania Driver Competitions have become well known around the world as a test of skill and agility, both practical and mental.

“The competition testing will place emphasis on efficient and safe driving practices as well as reinforce the values of driving with a positive attitude.

“We are once again inviting drivers who feel they have above average ability behind the wheel to get involved and show off what they can do. The competitions are open to all drivers who have an MC licence for trucks or an HR licence for bus. Entries are not restricted to drivers of Scania trucks or buses; all drivers who fit the criteria are welcome to participate.”

Drivers are urged to visit the Scania Driver Competitions website to find out more and register their interest. Entries will open on March 24.

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