Scania Growth Capital invests in Swed-Weld

Scania’s corporate venture capital-fund, Scania Growth Capital, has announced it will become part owner of automation company, Swed-Weld.

Based in Sweden, Swed-Weld produces add-on equipment for the optimisation of automated manufacturing lines. Its primary product is feeding machines for welding nuts, which form part of the robot cells commonly used in modern manufacturing. These feeding machines provide data that can assist with troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and software upgrades.

Swed-Weld produces welding machines and other types of feeding machines as well. By utilising a modular system, standard feeding machines can be adapted to fit customers’ specific needs.

“We are very enthusiastic to have an industrial owner like Scania. With the knowledge and network of Scania, we will be able to accelerate our growth, with the aim of providing the highest quality and the most customer-focused offering in the sector,” said Henrik Larsson, Founder and CEO of Swed-Weld.

Daniel Riazzoli, Partner at the management company of Scania Growth Capital added, “Swed-Weld has been able to secure contracts with some of the most demanding buyers of automation equipment. By leveraging a modular production platform, the company can help customers to improve production efficiency.”

Among Scania Growth Capital’s aims is to provide a platform where Scania can contribute its industry knowledge to its portfolio companies. Together with this latest investment, Lars Henrik Jörnving, head of Global Industrial Development at Scania, will join Swed-Weld’s board of directors.

“Scania Growth Capital invests in growth companies with strategic relevance to Scania and our ecosystem of customers and partners. As a large manufacturing company with a global production system we see this intelligent use of a modular production, in combination with customer focused design as a strong concept within smart factory development and a good fit for our industry,” said Jörnving.

In addition, Scania also elected a new member, Nina Macpherson, to its Board of Directors at its 2018 Annual General Meeting. Having built her career in the field of corporate and commercial law, she brings a wealth of experience from the information and communications technology industry, where she most recently served as Chief Legal Officer at tech-giant Ericsson.

(Image: Scania Boardmember, Nina Macpherson.)

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