Scania follows social media trend with new prank video

After the overwhelming success of Volvo's 'Epic Split' video on Youtube, fellow Swedish car make Scania has also started a new Youtube campaign.

In the video, the company is playing an elaborate visual effects prankprank on truck Driver Daniel Olsson to promote its truck driver competition. Olsson, 31, is assigned a simple job of picking up a box from a warehouse, not knowing his truck is rigged with special effects gear to make it appear as if a prehistoric monster is trying to escape from the vehicle.

According to Scania, Olsson was completely duped and did not realise that it was all a ploy until the scheme was revealed. However, he remained calm and drove the truck perfectly.

“I can truthfully claim that this was my most demanding driving experience ever. I admit that I became increasingly nervous and stressed but I had no thoughts of quitting. Despite the challenges, you just have to complete each assignment.”

The Australian version of the competition is on again this year but hasn’t officially been announced.

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