Scania continues online health and safety campaign

Most people working on trucks often go through a day's work without giving a thought as to how they use their shoulders. But the wrong posture can cause serious pain and injury when working as a technician, and thus make work uncomfortable and risky.

Over the long term, the kind of shoulder strains mechanics can get through incorrect ergonomics can lead to the development osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis and stiffness. Injuries and overuse of the shoulder can cause tears in the tendons or cartilage, which helps hold the joint together.

Scania therefore posted a series of videos on YouTube  about healthy work practices, including a session on how to approach technician's tasks in the workshop and avoid shoulder injuries.

According to Scania, the main indicator that something wrong is usually pain, but, in some cases, cartilage damage can produce a clicking sound with movement as well. 

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