Scania Black Amber heads West

The two custom built Scanias which have been doing the Truck Show circuit in Australia will be put to work in Western Australia. The Limited Edition Black Amber R-series trucks, specially designed by the Swedish truck customisation guru Svempa, have both been purchased by Perth-based owners.

The two trucks, an R 730 and an R 620, feature a metallic paint job designed to glow in direct sunlight with carbon-fibre look flames along the side of the vehicle, plus the Black Amber name badge on the front of the high roof Highline Cab. The R 730 Black Amber made its Australian debut at the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year, with the R 620 making its first appearance at the Perth Truck Show in July.

Greg Goodchild (pictured) from Greg’s Meat Transport has bought the R 730, while David Edghill from Express Freezer Transport has become the owner of the R 620 Black Amber.

Greg's Meat Transport runs a mixed fleet of more than 50 trucks, 6 of which are Scanias. Greg has added two R 560 6x4s and the Black Amber this year, with two P 360 8×2 rigids scheduled for delivery in 2014.

“I have been in the transport industry for 36 years and the Black Amber is the best vehicle I have ever seen,” said Goodchild. “I have always wanted a truck like this, and as soon as I saw it at the Perth Truck Show and looked inside it, I knew I had to have one.

“The truck is already on the road, being driven by Greg Howard, one of my long-time drivers. He is fanatical about keeping it clean. His ute even carries a rainwater-filled tank that he uses to wash the truck. He’s got towels all over the inside to keep it pristine.”

Greg’s Meat Transport specialises in the refrigerated transport of a range of meat products and the Black Amber has been put to work pulling a B-double delivering supermarket groceries. Each day it can be seen on the Forrest Highway traveling to Bunbury and back, from the company’s base in Jandakot.

“We are getting excellent fuel from the truck, better performance than we expected, in fact,” said Goodchild. “The response from other drivers on the road, and just anyone who sees it is phenomenal. It has been a great image-builder for our business, too, and I reckon it will help us attract good drivers in the future.”

“We started buying Scanias because we had a good recommendation from another transport operator who has run them. We really like the quality of build and the backup from Scania, because you’re dealing with the factory. The team at Scania Bunbury is particularly good, and so I will have the Black Amber serviced by them. They’re always on the ball.”

The Black Amber trucks have black and chrome highlight wheels and plenty of piano black gloss trim. The interior features perforated leather upholstery, a wood-and-leather-rimmed steering wheel and special carpets, while a large wooden commemorative plaque is fixed to the rear wall.

Express Freezer Transport has 10 trucks engaged in the task of distributing fresh produce for supermarkets. The new R 620 Black Amber is pulling a new 49 ft. jumbo slider-side single refrigerated trailer.

“That’s my truck,” said Edghill. “I drive it most of the time and when I don’t, the driver who gets the text message that says he’ll be driving it the next day has a very big smile. In the first week of driving Black Amber three guys came up and offered to come to work for me, just because we had it on the fleet. I reckon the Black Amber definitely elevates our profile. It says something positive about you as a transport operator.

“The Black Amber is such a distinctive truck, wherever we go not only do the fork lift drivers and dispatchers stop work to look at it, and pop their heads inside, but the office girls too come out to see what all the fuss is about.”

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