Scania adds value to popular models

Scania has announced that it will be adding to the value of some of its most popular models by adding a two year, fully inclusive repair and maintenance contract as part of the deal, and at no extra cost.

The offer applies for a limited time to P 440 and G 440 models in 6×2 or 6×4 prime mover configuration, as well as the 4×2, 8×2, and 23-tonne 6×2 P 280 and P 320 rigids, including the Scania Fully Built Curtainsider metro distribution vehicles.

Scania is currently the only manufacturer offering a two year, fully inclusive Repair and Maintenance Contract as standard on a range of five and six cylinder engines. Another Scania benefit is a second and third year/800,000 kilometre driveline warranty on most vehicles that provides even more peace of mind for customers.

“The Scania two year fully inclusive Repair and Maintenance Contract offers our customers a significant advantage,” says Dean Dal Santo, National Pre-Sales Manager at Scania. “We are giving them full running cost transparency for the first two years of ownership. All customers have to pay for are tyres, fuel and insurance under normal running conditions.

“The Repair and Maintenance Contract takes care of all other aspects of running the vehicle, and is a key component of our promise to fully back our Scania products. The contract can be extended by the customer, which effectively means they can have a three year contract for the price of one, or five years for the price of three years,” Dean says.

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