Scania adds horsepower to revised 13-litre engine

An upgraded 540 hp engine, ripe for B-double operators, has been added to Scania's 13-litre range in Australia the commercial vehicle manufacturer has announced.

The DC 166 540 hp six-cylinder Euro 6 compliant engine boasts an extra 40 horsepower over the previous top-of-the-range 13-litre available for the Australian market.

With torque increased to 2,700 Nm at a range of 1,000 to 1,300 rpm, the new 13-litre now delivers 100 Nm over its nearest rival according to Scania.

Under optimal conditions a fuel savings of 2 per cent is possible thanks to an improved combustion and gas exchange.

Updated turbos, which includes a new fixed geometry turbocharger that uses ball bearings rather than journal bearings for greater longevity, and smart auxiliaries that use discretionary power contribute to lowered internal friction by reducing drag on the motor.

“The new 540 hp engine will give operators hauling B-doubles an excellent alternative to a higher displacement engine, and with our low rev, high torque technology, they will be able to run as efficiently as possible,” said  Dean Dal Santo, Scania Australia Truck Sales Director.

“The lower tare weight of the 13-litre engine also provides Scania with the ability to reach customers with payload-critical applications,” he said.

The 540 hp engine is more than just a software tweak according to Scania.

It marks a technical update to the well known Scania six-cylinder SCR-only engine it said in a statement it released this week.

Scania's inline six range leads the industry in fuel performance according to Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Head of Scania Trucks.

“Scania trucks with 13-litre engines have been crowned ‘Green Truck’ for three consecutive years in Germany, and that is a remarkable feat,” he said.

“The powerful 540 hp is mainly intended for customers and markets where legal aspects regarding front axle loads keep them from choosing a V8,” said Vlaskamp.

“The Scania 540 hp engine is perfect for anyone who needs extra power in their transport operation, or for overnight express runs where the focus is on consumption and average speeds.”

The inherent robustness of the Scania engine along with services like Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans contribute to impressive cost per km and uptime performance, leading to outstanding total operating economy.

Dal Santo claims the power versus weight ratio makes the 13-litre engine a compelling choice for many Scania customers.

“When we launched NTG 13-litre range with the 500 hp Euro 6 engine in 2018, it immediately attracted a high level of demand both in G-series and also in R-series cab profiles,” he said.

“As a result, we are very confident the new 540 hp engine will prove to be a very successful and appealing solution for many customers.”

The Scania 13-litre range includes 370 hp, 410 hp, 450 hp and 500 hp engines.

Orders are now being taken for delivery of the new 540 hp engine for delivery in June 2020.

It can be ordered with the G, R or S-series cabs in the Scania New Truck Generation range.

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