Scaffolding specialists provide VIP-access to remote areas

Isuzu’s NPR 250/300 model is well suited to cart scaffolding material such as tubes, fittings, cages, harness kits and tools as well as workers to various remote mining sites, according to Jim Robinson, General Manager of Pilbara Access, who oversees a fleet of more than 40 Isuzu trucks.

“We understand the intricacies of each project we do, and we need the right equipment and vehicles to deliver a tailored solution that overcomes environment constraints, resource limitations and time demands,” Jim said. 

“It is this approach, coupled with the experience of the Pilbara Access team, which underpins our company's reputation for innovation, safety and service excellence.”

With the help of the Major Motors Dealership in Perth, all trucks are fitted with metal tray bodies incorporating roll over protection systems for added safety. “Our first truck was an Isuzu and it made a great impression on us. Ever since then, we have stuck with Isuzu as nothing beats the brand's quality and reliability,” Robinson said. “Isuzu not only offers an excellent product, but the service we receive from the Major Motors Dealership is impeccable and prompt.” 

Operating since 2007 and meeting the niche demand for scaffolding and access solutions for the mining, oil and gas industries in the northwest of Australia, Pilbara Access boasts clients including Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Leighton Contractors, Transocean and Modec. The majority of the company's services revolve around accessing remote, hard to reach sites to provide scaffolding services; scaffolding involves constructing temporary support structures made from modular systems, tubes and fittings that are used to support and hold material in the construction or repair of buildings.

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