Safety upgrade for Golden Highway and New England Highway Intersection

Both the New England Highway and the Golden Highway intersection at Belford will receive safety upgrades over the coming months. The upgrades are the results of a review carried out by Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Police.

A spokesperson said work will start this week, including road widening and line marking on the New England Highway at the intersection, and building a concrete median to improve lane separation between the left turn and the westbound through lane.

“The Golden Highway approach to the intersection will be rebuilt to include a concrete median and the stop line will be moved forward to improve the line of sight for motorists turning onto the New England Highway,” the spokesperson said.

“Stop and giveaway signs, will also be repositioned and installed along both of the new medians to improve safety and visibility for motorists.

“Work is expected to be completed in the next month. A reduced 80km/hr speed limit will temporarily remain in place on both highways on approach to the intersection, with a 40km/hr speed limit during work hours.”

The improvements add to recent upgrades at the intersection including new line marking and installation of audible line marking and signage along the Golden Highway approach to the intersection. Street lighting at the intersection was also upgraded in February 2012.

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