Safety: A never-ending story

There is a whole range of variables that impact the performance of a modern transport business, ranging from production, equipment and planning all the way to workforce attitude and behaviour. All of them have a direct effect on the level of safety in the company.

For the trucking industry in Australia and its people, who share their workplace with thousands of motorists every day, considering safety in every strategic decision and operational conversation in order to improve overall safety performance is already common practice.

As a result, the fatal crash rate for articulated trucks has decreased by more than 60 per cent since 1982; and the growing number of safety-related events and initiatives across the country is a good sign the industry is determined to keep improving.

Although there is a lot left to do to achieve a true ‘zero incident’ industry, politicians, public authorities and vehicle manufacturers have already taken steps regarding road safety. Think ABS, ESP, RSS, TruckSafe – the call for road and vehicle safety in traffic has definitely been heard.

Yet as technology is becoming more and more complex, so is the approach to safety on and off the road. According to consulting firm Deloitte, “each organisation has many unique processes, systems and goals, and the people who work within them are inherently unpredictable.

This makes safety complex, persistent, pervasive and ever changing. It also means that a one-size-fits-all safety solution is seldom effective in the long term.”

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