Russia’s first toll road

The initial section of Russia’s first toll road, connecting capital Moscow and the vast south, has been taken into operation. Operated by newly founded state commission Avtodor, which will manage Russia’s toll roads in the future, the first metered section of the M-4 has been opened in the Lipezk region, 375km south east of the capital. It is designed to bypass the cities of Sadonsk and Chlebnoje.

Reportedly, the enlarged freeway is a four lane interstate connection with separated lanes of traffic. The speed limit has been set to 110 km/h; and the charge will be 55 Russian ruble ($1.75) for cars and 220 ruble ($7.02) for heavy-duty vehicles.

The country road nearby is still free of charge, but traverses several densely populated areas. Increasing traffic has required an alternative connection between the capital territory and Russia’s south.
By 2016 the toll road is expected to expand to 766km.

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