Ross Transport now fitting in-cab cameras

Port Kembla steel transport specialist Ross Transport has begun fitting its fleet of trucks with forward facing in-cab cameras to support its drivers by capturing digital images of the conditions they encounter every day.

“It’s about time that we stood up for ourselves and show what’s going on out on the road,” said company principal Alan Ross.

In addition to being alerted by any incidence of truck speeding being monitored back to the office and to mobile phones, Alan is convinced that keeping a record of what his drivers have to encounter will be a valuable asset. “We’ve got to defend ourselves. We’re always assumed guilty whenever we have a smash,” he said.

Alan cited an incident when a police officer recently pulled up one of his trucks in Victoria, claiming that the driver had run a car off the road. The driver showed the officer the footage from the in-cab camera that proved that the car driver was at fault and that the truck had no involvement whatsoever.

“The cop didn’t even check his log book, he just got back in his car want went off to pursue the motorist,” Alan recalled.

Among the first trucks in the Ross fleet to be fitted with the devices are two new Freightliner Coronado 114s powered by DD15 Detroit Diesels. One is set up for B-double work and is fitted with a 58 inch XT sleep cab. The other is a day cab configured as a tipper and dog, thought to be the first Coronado 114 to be set up that way and will maximise its payload by operating under the Performance Based Standards scheme.

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