Ross Transport dedicates new combination to autism awareness

New South Wales-based transporter, Ross Transport, has dedicated a new truck and dog combination to Autism Awareness Australia.

Ross Transport has become known for its unique fleet with several of its trailers decorated with superheroes and cartoons.

The fleet’s latest addition – a Kenworth T610 and dog combination – was devoted to its driver, Billy Gaudie, whose twin grandchildren both have autism.

Ross Transport Manager, True Ross, told Prime Mover the idea arose after one of its drivers saw a cab in Brisbane with Autism Awareness artwork.

“I rang Billy and asked him what he thought of the idea, and he absolutely loved it. He practically had tears in his eyes and he said yes straight away,” she said.

“So, I raised it with Alan Ross, the owner of the company, and he said the same.

“From there I started researching Autism Awareness Australia to look at the slogans and colours they use, the jigsaw puzzles, and then I spoke with our sign writer who came up with a couple of different designs.”

Gaudie has been working with the fleet since 2009, so Ross said the team was more than happy to support him with the vehicle.

“He’s very grateful for this and so are his grandchildren, they love our trucks. The previous truck he used to drive had their names on it and they would often come in and get photos underneath it and go for a drive in it, so it’s something that makes them feel more included and loved as well,” she said.

“That’s what we hope to get, not just with his grandchildren, but also with anyone that has autism.”

While the truck has only been on the road for a couple of weeks, Ross Transport has already received positive feedback from the community.

“We’ve already received so many messages from people from the public, and it’s really good to know that we are touching the hearts of random people with the things that we are doing,” Ross said.

“By doing these things with our trucks it creates a positive image of the industry. So, we think it helps build the connection between public perception to our drivers while creating awareness for a good cause.”

The truck and dog combination will transport a wide range of freight from road base material to grain, fertiliser, scrap and glass around Melbourne and NSW.

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