Rocky’s Own Transport and Simon National Carriers sponsor ATA truck

Rocky's Own Transport and Simon National Carriers are the first two companies to sponsor the Australian Trucking Association’s Safety Truck.

Both companies will now have animated versions of their trucks with all their livery included in the videos displayed in the Safety Truck exhibition as it travels around Australia. 

The ATA’s Corporate Relations Manager, Steve Power, said industry support was a vital part of keeping the Safety Truck running. “Trucks are an essential part of everyday life in Australia. We collect the produce from the farm and deliver all the items in your local supermarket.

“With the Safety Truck, we help other road users share the road safely with heavy vehicles, as well as showing them the integral role trucks fill in our community.

“The contribution of companies like Rocky’s Own Transport and Simon National Carriers ensures that we can prioritise visiting the places where the Safety Truck will be of most benefit.”
Rocky’s Own Transport CEO, Bryan Smith, said it was essential for the industry to support programs like the Safety Truck.

“Our industry is constantly getting beat up in the media, and I don’t think we do enough collectively to negate the bad publicity that the small minority of bad drivers or operators create.

“We work very hard to be a safe, compliant business. I saw the Safety Truck and thought this was a great opportunity to be part of doing something positive for our industry and the community.

“I strongly encourage other operators to get behind the Safety Truck – we need to provide some balance and show that the vast majority of our industry really do care about doing things right.”

More than 1,000 people have visited the Safety Truck in the ACT and NSW over the last two weeks. For more information or to request a Safety Truck visit, go to

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