Road transport industry unites for R U OK? Day

A cabover prime mover pulls a tanker in the outback.

Linfox, Toll and other transport and logistics companies have come together to support R U OK? Day.

For the third year in a row, suicide prevention group R U OK? collaborated with Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds to create a national day of mental health awareness, focused on the road, transport and warehousing industries.

This year’s theme ‘Are you okay? – No qualifications needed,’ was aimed at breaking the stigma that you need to be qualified to check in with a friend or colleague, encouraging people working in the industry to meaningfully connect with each other.

The National Day of Action, saw several transport fleets unite in their support in raising awareness for better mental health yesterday.

Recognising the unique challenges people working in these industries can face, CEO of Linfox Australia and New Zealand, Mark Mazurek, reflected on the importance of the campaign and how meaningful conversations can have a significant impact.

“This year’s theme reminds us that you don’t need special qualifications to check in and support a friend, family member or work mate,” he said.

“We continue to support this important campaign as we know that conversations can make a big difference. Our partnerships with Linfox’s Employee Assistance Program further supports our team members when they need it.”

Toll Group also emphasised the power of how asking a simple question can encourage important conversations with those who may be struggling.

“We encourage you to take a moment to check in on your mates and the people you care about,” Toll said in a statement.

“Asking ‘Are you OK?’ is a simple yet powerful way to start a meaningful conversation with someone and foster a culture where asking ‘R U OK?’ is a part of our daily routine.”

Research, according to Healthy Heads, has found when authentic, genuine R U OK? conversations happen, they do make a positive difference.

“We know in these industries, colleagues might not always be alongside each other, you might find yourself working different shifts, or you operate as an independent truck driver, but we can still cast our minds to what might be going on for our work mates,” said R U OK? CEO Katherine Newton.

“If you spot changes to their behaviour or routine, or you get that gut feeling something might be going on in their world, make the time to check in with them and to really listen.

“Our research shows showing genuine interest and concern when asking R U OK? is the most important factor in helping people feel safe to open up.”

In other news, road safety advocate, Peter Frazer, urges heavy vehicle drivers and motorists to mind their speed and to pay attention.

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