RFT puts safety first with Guardian tech

Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) – with more than 225 prime movers, and over 50 million kilometres clocked annually – is using Seeing Machines' Guardian technology across its entire fleet to keep drivers safe while continually refining health safety standards.

RFT relies on real-time data to instantly mitigate the risks of incidents caused by driver fatigue and distraction.

From drivers being diagnosed with medical conditions such as sleep apnoea and Ross River Fever, to the ability to instantly alert fatigued drivers on the road, the key findings that RFT gleaned from live data was that fatigue can happen any time, at any stage of the shift cycle, and – crucially – can happen to anyone.

“(Guardian) technology has proved extremely reliable and accurate,” said RFT General Manager, Darren Wood. “And it continues to be a very valuable tool in developing a robust and rigorous procedure to support fatigue events.”

In keeping with the company’s objective of leading the way for safety in the road transport industry, Wood describes RFT as a 'proud supporter for Guardian'.

RFT is participating in an Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre Project using Guardian Technology that monitors how cab drivers are impacted by external road conditions in real time.

“By participating in this study, we are helping to make Australian roads safer, for not only our drivers but all users of our roads,” said Wood. “At RFT we are committed to world’s best practice in driver and fleet safety.

“As end users, we have the opportunity to influence the technology, so it best addresses the needs of the freight industry,” he said.

If you invest in Guardian technology before 31 December 2020 you could be eligible for an instant asset write off up to $150,000*
* Please visit the ATO website to find out more or seek independent financial/tax advice.

Read Seeing Machines' RFT case study here

Guardian, the in-cab fatigue management system from Seeing Machines, recently was part of a breakthrough study into driver behavior at Monash University, the results of which are likely going to have a positive impact on the industry for years to come. At Ron Finemore Transport it is considered a mandatory investment.

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