Reporting for Duty

The 2022 F Series range of medium- and heavy-duty trucks from Isuzu has become available in the Australian market with a major technology shake-up.

On the back of an all-new audio visual unit, a comprehensive hi-tech safety package and an industry-leading six year warranty and roadside assistance package, Isuzu has presented a consolidated range of its new medium and heavy models with what will be the last ‘minor’ update prior to new full models expected later in 2023.

Technology is a strong feature in the new Isuzu F Series, the most obvious upgrade being the 10.1-inch touchscreen audio visual and multimedia unit.

Referred to as the MyIsuzu Co-Pilot the new unit is being marketed as an all-in-one smart partner and was developed in conjunction with leading electronics manufacturer Blaupunkt.

Designed from the outset to suit the local right hand drive applications, the screen offers a low distraction interface and is angled slightly towards the driver with the most often used ‘buttons’ located on the side of the screen closest to the driver.

The unit has 32GB of onboard storage for music and video and is equipped with truck route specific navigation from HERE Technologies with smart updates for maps, live traffic using a mobile phone Wi-Fi connection.

The unit supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integral connections as well as two USB ports and a smartphone storage pocket.

Wireless phone charging capability is provided as standard in FV, FX and FY models, and is an option in other Isuzu F Series models.

The unit also provides on-screen access to Isuzu truck owner’s manuals and is also programmable to include a step-by-step process of daily pre-operation inspections.

In the four-cylinder 4×2 models the AV unit is complemented by a new electronic instrument panel with 4.2-inch colour multi-info display linked to the steering wheel controls for menu scrolling.

A CAN electrical connection is handily located behind the dash for the ready installation of fleet management telematics systems.

Not as obvious as the AV unit is the extensive package of safety systems now incorporated in the Isuzu F Series.

The Isuzu Advanced Driver Assurance System (ADAS) has been developed to help keep all road users safe and the combination of a high mounted forward facing camera and a milliwave radar provides data to the numerous intelligent safety systems.

The 4×2 models powered by the four-cylinder engines come equipped with Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Distance Warning System (DWS) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW).

The 4×2 models and the larger FTR and FV models have, as an additional benefit, received Electronic Stability Control (ESC), while the Electronic Braking System is introduced to the four-cylinder FSR and FTR and FV models. New LED headlamps for all FRR/D, FSR/D, FTR and FV models have been installed for improved night-time operation while cab-tilt warning has been introduced across the entire range.

“Our technology approach has been adopted to cater for the types of applications and locations that these trucks operate in,” says IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries. “The combination radar and camera is well suited to both urban and regional usage, while the upgrade to full-air brakes in the FSR models provides improved braking response and faster acting electronic stability control.”

In line with its strong message that ‘reliability is everything’, Isuzu’s highly regarded aftermarket support is bolstered with warranty upgrades across the range, featuring a six year standard warranty with much higher distance and engine hour limits than previous models, as well as a six-year 24/7 roadside assistance package.

The doubling of the warranty period creates a compelling point of difference for Isuzu in the medium and heavy-duty categories.

“In planning this model release, we’ve looked at how our customers are using their medium-duty trucks and we’ve targeted our updates at the key market requirements,” says Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman.

“We’ve introduced active safety with ADAS to the volume 12- to 14-tonne GVM segment and in doing so, we’ve got features that match the operating environment.  In the heavier end of our offering, again the introduction of electronic stability control and electronic braking system brings the features that operators of these models, namely fleets, are looking for.”

There are no prime movers included in the new range and the Isuzu Giga and its 15.7-litre engine are likely to be replaced some time during 2023.

This leaves the F Series rigid models available with either four- or six-cylinder engines with outputs ranging from 210PS (154kW) to 300PS (221kW).

There are also numerous options for transmissions including six- and nine-speed manuals, Allison automatics and Isuzu’s innovative and effective six-speed torque convertor-driven automated manual transmissions.

The engines meet the current EURO 5 emission standards with the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).

The use of the DOC provides greater simplicity for body builders as well as operators, while the EGR not only reduces emissions, but also delivers improved driveability and enhanced engine braking. The absence of a diesel particulate filter and an AdBlue system keeps operation and maintenance simple, without the additional costs of AdBlue fluid.

Isuzu continues with its successful ‘ready to work’ truck offerings with factory tippers and the Freightpack curtain- side packages in 10-, 12- or 14- pallet specifications.

The twin-steer Isuzu FY is available in 8×4 and a 10×4 configuration with a lift up lazy axle. The FY has been a very successful truck and incorporates a broad selection of models, transmissions, wheelbases, axles, and air or mechanical suspensions to allow the tailoring to suit specific applications such as agitator, bin-lift, concrete pumper, and crane trucks.

Components from world-renowned brands including ISRI, Hendrickson, Allison, ZF, and Meritor are important parts in the Isuzu finished products and provide the components to enable operators to specify their Isuzu to best suit their applications.

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