Remondis Australia reports payload increase

By using the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) to access Higher Mass Limits (HML), Remondis Australia has achieved considerable payload efficiencies in its waste transfer operations in Brisbane.

“We were able to increase our payload by 13.64 per cent on our semi-trailers, and by 18.75 per cent on our B-doubles at HML loadings, compared to the general access vehicles we previously used,” said Robert Mason, Remondis Operations Manager Transport and Transfer Stations.

“This is a significant increase in productivity which is magnified by the scale of the transport operation under HML. There are also associated benefits in terms of enhanced safety and reduced emissions and costs, with as many as 520 fewer truck trips per annum required to complete the same transport task.”

In July 2012, Remondis Australia acquired 100 per cent of the assets of Thiess Services from Leighton Holdings. The acquisition included transfer stations, landfills, logistics depots and recycling facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria; and now positions Remondis as one of the nation’s top five waste management organisations.

The Remondis truck fleet now operates at HML under the IAP, which Mason says proves the company has a commitment to environmental sustainability. “500,000 tonnes of waste generated in Brisbane and Ipswich is transferred to the Swanbank Landfill on an annual basis,” said Mason.

“Waste bulkhaul trucks transfer waste from the waste transfer stations to landfills in the Brisbane and Ipswich regions. These trucks are equipped with walking floors and are fully covered with tarps to minimise debris.

“We have 8 B-doubles and 11 semi-trailers operating at HML, transferring non-recyclable waste from the Nudgee, Northgate, and Rocklea Waste Transfer Stations to the Swanbank Landfill. Each truck completes between five and seven trips per day. High volume side tippers, which are purpose built to maximise payload and minimise environmental impact, dispose this waste into the Landfill.”

Remondis says it considers the IAP to be an effective access and compliance management tool that fits within their company ethos. “Our company has a proven philosophy of partnering with our clients, understanding the task at hand, understanding their management needs and expectations, and working with them in the design, execution and evaluation phases,” said Mason.

“Good compliance is at the heart of any partnership arrangement, [and] our compliance philosophy is to understand the regulatory framework, assess what it means in terms of the business and its operation, and to implement the necessary internal procedures to minimise the risk of any breach.”

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