Relentless Pursuits

Truck-Tech’s open day at its new Dandenong workshop was an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its customer-focus philosophy.

Independent heavy-vehicle repairer, Truck-Tech Group, recently opened a new workshop in Dandenong, expanding its customer base to the Victorian corner of Australia.

The company specialises in the maintenance and repair of trucks, trailers and buses.

An open day at its Dandenong workshop last May, saw Truck-Tech invite along all families and friends in the community to get an idea of the brand’s values.

Barry Saad, CEO of Truck-Tech, says it provided the business with a great opportunity to showcase their values and services.

“For us, it’s really about understanding our culture,” he says. “It’s about us allowing customers and their families, and our staff and their families to see the inside of what Truck-Tech’s about, and how we’re very family-orientated.”

The new location is an 18-bay workshop with A-double access, featuring state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tooling, overhead crane, engine reconditioning room, brake tester and service pits.

But, as Barry explains, the new workshop is quite different from the company’s stomping grounds.

“I did my apprenticeship and started Truck-Tech in 2007 out of the back of the ute,” he says. “We’ve grown as a company ever since. Then we moved into a workshop in Condell Park. From there, we continued to grow and moved to Moorebank.”

According to Barry, creating a workshop in Victoria had always been part of Truck-Tech’s vision.

It was a strategic decision over the last 12 months, and since the timing and execution was right, the company went straight for it.

Barry says the open day provided the business with a plethora of benefits. From an internal culture, he was pleased to show the Sydney team the growth they’re contributing to, and the journey they’re all heading towards.

From a business perspective, he says it was also important for clients to see that they’re a part of a successful company which is giving them more options and opportunities to get their assets services.

But from a community perspective, it was all about giving.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to give back to the community and to allow them to understand what we do and who we really are,” he says. “It was really good – we got a lot of great feedback.”

Truck-Tech is completely customer-focused. By being an independent company unaligned with any other brand, the company prioritises its customers first through every single operation and task carried out on a daily basis.

“Our company goal is the relentless pursuit of customer success,” he says. “Everything we do should support the customer succeeding in their own business, which in turn, will allow us to succeed in ours. If we can support the customer to be successful, naturally, Truck-Tech will be successful.”

As Barry points out, one thing that has changed the most in the industry over the years is the personification of a truck mechanic.

He says that to many people, the ideal vision of the word ‘truck mechanic’ is a guy covered from head to toe in grease.

However, as seen in the operations at his company, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“With the industry now, it’s really savvy when it comes to technology and innovation,” he says. “We’re really trying to change the mindset of peoples’ ideology around being a truck mechanic in our industry, and really bringing it to the next level. Your ideal technician can repair trucks behind a laptop, which is really cool. This is where the industry’s heading, and it’s very exciting. For us, it’s just important for people to know who we are, where the business has come from and understand our capabilities. Opening up in Victoria has been a great stepping stone for us and we’re excited to continue to grow further.”