Registrations now open for Trucking Australia 2013

Registrations are now open for Trucking Australia 2013, a new event from the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) that will give delegates the opportunity to make a difference to the industry’s future. The event will be held at Hamilton Island on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June 2013.

“We need to improve safety. We need to cut the red tape. We need to beat the industry’s staff shortage. And we need to deal with the carbon tax and the planned new road charges, so trucking operators aren’t taxed out of business,” Stuart St Clair, Chief Executive of the ATA, said. “With the next federal election looming, it’s time for the industry to get together and make plans.

According to St Clair, Trucking Australia 2013 will be structured as an open meeting to all those in the commercial road transport industry and will focus on the following:

• Building a new safety action plan for the industry;
• Planning how to address the carbon tax and road charges;
• Working out how to beat the staff shortage and recruit more women and younger drivers; and
• How to turn those industry ideas into results through grassroots lobbying, the media, the ATA and its member associations.

“A limited number of places will be available in an intensive, small group media training course. Every participant in the course will take part in a simulated television interview with broadcast equipment, to equip them to talk to the media about their business and industry issues,” St Clair said.

Trucking Australia 2013 will feature the ATA Foundation Sponsors Awards Dinner, which will celebrate excellence and safety in the industry with the presentation of the 2013 National Trucking Industry Awards. It will also include the famous Kenworth Legends Luncheon and a relaxing poolside barbecue hosted by BPW.

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