Quickeze reports performance gains with Allison-equipped trucks

Çanberra-based business, Quickeze Towing, has retained employees by switching to UD tilt tray trucks with Allison Automatics, increasing productivity and improving fuel economy.

Quickeze purchased two Allison-equipped UD MK 11-250 trucks in 2013.

“Two of my best and most experienced drivers were nearing retirement age and I was keen to retain them, so I decided to make their job easier by buying automatic UDs,” said Quickeze Director, Paul Keir. “Now my drivers can just sit back and let the transmission do the work while allowing them to complete 12 or 14 jobs in a day with reduced fatigue. The Allison-equipped truck has enabled us to retain their experience and expertise longer.”

The company has said that Allison transmissions use a torque converter – Continuous Power Technology – to multiply engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. “By multiplying engine power, drivers reportedly gain increased performance, faster acceleration and greater operational flexibility. By maintaining power to the wheels at all times, fleets get more productivity, better fuel economy and greater driver comfort and safety.”

Quickeze has a fleet of 22 trucks, ranging from prime mover combinations to medium- and heavy-rigid trucks. With a service area reaching as far as Newcastle in the north, Albury and Eden in the south and Dubbo in the west, the Allison-equipped UDs have reportedly achieved fuel savings of up to five per cent.

“The retardation on the automatic is very good and that has meant brake wear has been exceptionally low,” said Keir. “On average, the automatic UDs are getting around 120,000 miles [193,121km] before we have to replace the brakes, and I can guarantee that more than 80,000 [128,747km] of those miles were in city traffic where the drivers are constantly on and off the brakes. That has surprised me because on a manual truck you'd be changing them at least every 50,000 miles [80,467km], so that is a huge productivity gain.”

According to Keir, one of the UD automatics has around 514,990km and continues to operate without any issues. Convinced of their quality, reliability and greater overall economic value, Quickeze Towing has said it wants to add additional Allison-equipped trucks to its fleet.

“We're looking to purchase some Allison-equipped heavy-rigid models where previously we would have purchased manuals because we often operate in the mountains and always feared that the retardation on the automatics wouldn't be good enough,” said Keir. “However, our experience with the UDs has proven otherwise and will also allow us to increase productivity, retain driver talent while also lowering fuel and maintenance costs.”

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