Queensland warning sign changes

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has issued Vehicle Standards Instruction (Heavy Vehicle 24.0) to address two anomalies in the design and manufacture of Road Train and Long Vehicle warning signs.

The Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 2010 states that these warning signs must be at least 1.2m in width, 250 mm high and have 180mm high black capital letters; these dimensions are supported by part 2 of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and Traffic Control (TC) signs.

However, a previous TC manual labelled a Road Train sign diagram with a lettering height of 160 mm, which was incorrect. Due to this discrepancy, a number of sign manufacturers have produced signs with the 160 mm lettering and some of these signs are currently fitted to vehicles or are available for purchase.

The second anomaly identified is in relation to the width of the warning signs. The current Queensland minimum width of 1.2 metres is not consistent with the national standard of 1.02 metres, which is used by the majority of the other states and territories. To address this inconsistency, the Queensland legislation will be amended to reflect the national standard of 1.02 metres.

Transport Inspectors and QPS officers have been directed not to issue a Defect or Infringement Notice for signs that have 160mm high lettering and/or that are 1.02 metres wide. This instruction will remain effective for the next five years.

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