Queensland Transport and Main Roads spam warning

Queensland Transport and Main Roads is warning customers about fraudulent emails which contain a spam attachment.

Acting Director, General Neil Scales, said the Emails looked like they were sent by the department and contained a “confirmation receipt” in a .ZIP file attachment. “These are spam and have not been sent by us,” Mr Scales said.

“We recommend people take normal security precautions with email accounts and do not open the file. We are investigating the issue and thank customers for bringing this to our attention. We apologise for any inconvenience and confusion this spam may have caused.”

Mr Scales recommended customers followed up their transactions or important emails with a phone call or visited Customer Service Centres while the issue was being addressed. “We value our customers and your business is important to us,” Scales said. “We are doing everything we can to resolve this technical issue.”

He said the department would let customers know through the website and social media when the issue had been resolved.

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