Queensland Government takes pressure of NHVR

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Scott Emerson, has announced the Government would take back the processing of some categories of permits following concerns raised by sections of the trucking industry.

Reportedly, the NHVR is still facing “teething issues” that prevented many heavy vehicle operators in Queensland from receiving permits over the past week.

“We support the uniform national laws, which came into effect last week, however there are some issues with the Regulator that need to be addressed,” Emerson said. “The NHVR has [therefore] agreed to temporarily delegate approvals for some heavy vehicle permits back to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.”

Effective immediately, applications for over-size, over-mass, as well as special purpose vehicles in Queensland will be processed by TMR – including transitional permits and new permits. All other heavy vehicle permit applications continue to be submitted to the NHVR.

The Mr Emerson said the Queensland Government had already begun processing more than 100 permit applications. However, the TMR forms and website are still in the process of being amended and approved.

According to NHVR CEO Richard Hancock, operators who want to speed up the permit processing time are allowed to directly seek consent from the applicable local government and attach a copy of the consent to either a new or existing NHVR permit application.

He also said to make processing permits easier, operators can also speed up processing times by only applying once so that multiple applications don’t have to be tracked and cross-checked; and by using the online Journey Planner.

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