Qube makes major solar energy investment


As part of its latest solar energy investment, Qube is preparing to transition all of its light vehicles to electric.

Yesterday, Qube Director of Bulk, Todd Emmert, unveiled Qube’s new 268kW solar and 309kWh battery system which took its Picton, Western Australia, facilities entirely off the grid.

Qube employees and customers were joined by Member for Forrest, Nola Marino, and the Mayor of Bunbury, Jaysen de San Miguel, to celebrate the launch.

“This is an incredibly exciting day for Qube and a great step forward in our ambition to be a sector leader in the transition to a lower carbon future,” Emmert said.

“Today we welcome Qube’s first fully ‘off-grid’ facility thanks to the solar system installed across the roof tops of Qube’s warehouse, maintenance and administrative facilities, which feed a giant 300kWh Battery Energy Storage System on site.”

Emmert revealed that Qube is also welcoming four light electric vehicle chargers to its Picton site.

“My hope is that Qube’s Picton site will provide a template for what is possible with the right mix of available space and technology and will become the first of many ‘off-grid’ facilities in the Qube network,” he said.

Qube is committed to an industry-leading decarbonisation plan, with an aspirational goal to reduce its Scope 1 emissions intensity to zero by 2050.

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