Quantron AG presents environmentally friendly all-rounder Q-ELION 

E-mobility specialist Quantron AG has launched an all-electric all-rounder.

Known as Q-ELION it will be available in two variants as an equipment carrier (M series) and as a van (T-series).

Both are registered as class N1 the European Union’s light commercial vehicle classification having with a maximum permissible gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes.

The Q-ELION from Quantron targets modern municipalities and transport services that rely on environmentally friendly and effective operation.

The emission-free Q-ELION is characterised by the installation of high-quality, partially maintenance-free components.

Operating costs are significantly lower compared with a diesel vehicle in the same class.

Both series of the Q-ELION can be utilised flexibly thanks to a wide range of attachments and can also negotiate narrow alleys and sidewalks thanks to their compact size of just 1.60 metres in width.

The T-series of the Q-ELION is ideal for use in municipalities, delivery services or garden centres. With its compact design and a high payload of up to 1.4 tons it is well suited also to in-house transport operations and logistics hubs.

Quantron claims the vehicle has a range of up to 205 kilometres and a top speed of 65 km/h, which means that city highways can also be used to shorten journey times.

The M-series of the Q-ELION is also designed for extensive use in a wide range of work areas, such as building yards or municipal service providers. With a top speed of 65 km/h, it offers individual equipment options such as being fitted with a watering arm and water tank or a mower for green maintenance.

The maneuverable equipment carrier is also suitable for cleaning work or road maintenance.

“With MUP technologies, we have a valuable partner for electric commercial vehicles and implement carriers at our side,” said Christoph Wede Head of Sales BU Truck & Bus EMEA at Quantron AG.

“The all-electric Q-ELION is not only pleasantly quiet on the road, but also sends an important signal for a more environmentally conscious future thanks to its emission-free drive.”

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