Proposed WA freight corridor gains momentum

The contract to build Roe 8, a new freight corridor in Perth’s southern suburbs may soon go ahead, according to the Western Australia Government.

The WA Government said the key transport project will connect the Kwinana Freeway with Stock Road in Coolbellup, which is planned as a future freeway corridor in the Perth Transport Plan.

Wa Premier Colin Barnett said in the statement that the five kilometre, four-lane dual carriageway extension of Roe Highway would deliver significant benefits to the Western Australian economy.

“Roe 8 is part of the 85-kilometre freight route from Muchea to Fremantle and will redistribute more than 6900 trucks and 74,000 light vehicles per day from existing routes in the area,” Premier Barnett said.

“This project will substantially reduce congestion, improve freight efficiency, road safety and access to key activity centres including Murdoch.

“Western Australia stands to gain major benefits from Roe 8 including the creation of hundreds of jobs and productivity gains achieved through road network efficiencies.”

The State Government has said Roe 8 will be constructed under strict environmental conditions and regulations, with approximately $45 million to be spent on managing environmental sensitivities and to provide improved recreational access to the area.

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