Proposed national truck law amendments

The ATA last week released its proposed amendments to the national truck laws. Under these amendments, directors and managers of trucking businesses would be innocent until proven guilty of offences under the law.

These amendments were included in the ATA’s submission to the Queensland parliamentary inquiry into the national laws. This has been put on hold until after the Queensland state election on 24 March.

ATA Chief Executive Stuart St Clair, said the amendments needed to be considered by the NHVR project office, the NTC and the Australian, state and territory governments.

“Our proposed amendments would markedly improve the current draft laws. They are vital for the future of our industry. They would improve safety, make the laws fairer and enable the industry to achieve $7 billion in productivity gains,” Mr Stuart said.

“Australia’s governments must not wait for the Queensland state election to consider our amendments. They are now working on a second Bill to fix the problems with the current draft laws. Our amendments must be included in this second Bill.”

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