Proposal for national pilot and escort driver accreditation

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is seeking feedback from interested parties within the road transport industry on a proposal for a national accreditation scheme for pilot and escort vehicle drivers accompanying the transport of large and heavy loads across state borders.

“When oversize and over-mass loads are transported, pilot and escort vehicles are employed to guide them and protect the safety of all road users. However, there currently exists significant divergence between the states with respect to the requirements to become a pilot or escort driver, with those qualifications – where they exist – not always recognised across borders,” said NTC Chief Executive, Paul Retter.

In 2012, representatives of the state and territory road agencies agreed that the development of a national accreditation scheme and operational guideline for pilot and escort drivers was important in order to meet the growing demand for the movements of oversize loads, especially from the mining and agricultural industries.

The initial stage of the project was managed through Austroads and forms the basis on which the NTC’s discussion paper, Harmonisation of Pilot and Escort Vehicle Driver Requirements – National Accreditation Scheme, was prepared.

“We would really like to hear from industry, including pilot and escort drivers, on their feedback on the proposed scheme and how it should be structured,” said Mr Retter.

“Following the consultation period, NTC will make recommendations for the harmonisation of accreditation requirements and standards to the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials Committee, while Austroads will develop an Operational Guideline that provides a finalised, consistent approach to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to implement and manage,” said Mr Retter.

Submissions are open until 21 February 2014.


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