Projecta Battery Charger

World class 7-stage technology with multi-chemistry charging in Projecta’s latest range of battery chargers sets a new standard for maximising battery performance and life. The new chargers provide the opportunity to have just one charger to meet all charging needs. By selecting the battery chemistry type, Intelli-Charge adjusts the charge to precisely match the battery.

Intelli-Charge chargers are fully automatic and deliver a comprehensive and accurate charging technique known as 7-stage charging, especially engineered for optimum performance on all types of batteries.

The first two stages, ‘De-sulphation’ and ‘Soft Start’ prepare the battery for charging. ‘Bulk’ then delivers a fast charge followed by ‘Absorption’ which ensures the battery is fully charged. The ‘Analysis’ mode is designed to ensure the battery is fully charged. If the battery fails the Analysis stage the charger will begin to ‘Recondition’ the battery, testing after each stage up
to three times. Once past the ‘Analysis’ stage, the battery is maintained ready for use. Intelli-Chargers from Projecta are available from 7 to 50 Amps, with power supply, recondition and adjustable output on selected models. Smaller 7, 10 and 15 Amp models can be used as a memory saver when changing a vehicle battery to avoid the loss of important radio and computer information. In the larger 25, 35, 25A, 8A/24V models, the power supply operates as a float charge (constant voltage) well suited for maintaining a battery while running an appliance or load from the battery without the risk of overcharging.

Major features such as user friendly controls and easy to read LED displays have been incorporated into the new Projecta Intelli-Charge chargers which allow operators to quickly customise the charge settings and monitor the charger’s performance. The chargers also remember the last settings even when the power has been turned off.

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