Port Botany reforms must continue

ATA NSW has called on the NSW Government to continue its Ports Botany Landside Improvement Strategy (PBLIS) reforms, despite a change in Ports Minister last week.

Following the resignation of Paul McLeay, Eric Roozendaal has taken control of the portfolio, at a time when significant reforms are due to be implemented in under a month.

ATA Manager, Jill Lewis, said it’s essential the work that has already been achieved under the reform program be allowed to continue.

“The Port Botany Landside Improvement Strategy has already made a significant difference to how the port operates, and the changes to be implemented in under a month will dramatically improve how trucking operators and stevedores interact,” Ms Lewis said.

“Under the reforms, which come into force at the end of September, stevedores must pay a trucking operator $25 for every 15 minute delay at the port.

“If the slot is cancelled, stevedores must pay $100 if it’s cancelled within two hours of the agreed time or $50 if the slot is cancelled outside the two-hour timeframe.

“Similarly, trucking operators will pay $50 for a late arrival and $100 if their trucks do not show up at all. 

“These reforms place the responsibility for delays on all parties at the port. Previously, trucking operators were forced to wear cost of delays when they happened.

“ATA NSW believes these reforms will make a significant impact on waiting times at the port and will allow all port users to make better use of its infrastructure.

“It’s integral these reforms are not only allowed to come into force, but further reforms continue to improve how the trucking industry and the ports work together.

“Port Botany is essential to the economic success of NSW, so the Government must ensure the facility operates at its peak ability and does not stifle imports and exports coming through the port.”

Ms Lewis also thanked Paul McLeay for his work as the previous Minister for Ports.

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