Port access arrangements allowed

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has granted authorisation to DP World and Patrick Stevedores to give preferential treatment to truck operators engaging dual runs hauling containers in and out of the Port of Fremantle for the next five years.

The proposed arrangement was initiated by both the government and industry, with the intention of addressing the problems of road congestion at the port.

“The ACCC considers that the proposed arrangement is likely to improve efficiency at the Port for reducing the number of trucks required to move the same volume of containers,” said Graeme Samuel, ACCC Chairman. “Reducing truck numbers will also improve community amenity around the Port and provide environmental benefits.”

The arrangement does not involve DP World and Patrick Stevedores reaching agreement on the price or number of the slots they make available at their terminals for booking by truck operators. These will continue to be decided individually. According to the ACCC there will be limited public detriment arising from the proposed arrangements.

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