Paul Zaltai to head new Freight & Trade Alliance

International freight industry identity, Paul Zaltai, has recently established a new venture called Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) to provide a collaborative voice for the international trade sector. FTA will represent trade businesses and trade associations focusing on improved statutory compliance, processes and operational efficiency.

Mr Zaltai cited the fact that in Australia a complex supply chain exists with increasing border security requirements, evolving global trade agreements, variations in international shipping practices and numerous landside logistics issues affecting road freight and all of them requiring ongoing reform.

“These issues are intertwined requiring the need for a considered approach in representation to government and various sectors of commerce. In this contemporary environment it is essential that advocacy is representative of a cross section of Australia’s international trade sector,” said Mr Zaltai.

Paul Zaltai has held high profile positions in freight, government and industry associations since the mid-1980’s – including the position of industry representative to government as the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) User Representative where he led the 2005 post implementation remedial action as the co-chair of the Industry Action Group.

More recently, Paul has been at the forefront of port reforms as a founding member of the Port Botany Landside Improvement Strategy (PBLIS) Road Taskforce.

Paul spent 13 years with the Australian Customs Service including roles in cargo operations and culminating in the management of the Customs IT Help Desk and Canberra based border policy roles. Since leaving Customs, Mr Zaltai has represented the interests of the import/export sectors to government and other bodies in industry association roles involved in ICT enhancement, fair trade practices, legislative, policy and port reforms.

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