Partners in Innovation

TES is showcasing OMFB Products including the HSV Safety valves at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

Transport Engineering Solutions (TES) and hydraulic equipment manufacturer OMFB have been working together to bring innovative hydraulics solutions to the transport industry for over 30 years.

TES and their customers know they can depend on OMFB products to ensure that their vehicles are reliable, safe, and efficient.

TES are at the forefront in the design, supply, and installation of transportation equipment, and have a prolific history of innovation and excellence in the industry.

Previously operating as Gough Transport Solutions, the company strengthened its operational capabilities by joining Sime Darby Motors Group in 2019 and rebranded to Transport Engineering Solutions. This name-change reflected TES’s commitment to innovation and excellence, and it marked the beginning of a new era of growth.

OMFB’s origins started in 1950 as a small mechanical workshop in Italy run by three brothers, manufacturing spare parts for American, English, and German trucks for the post-war rebuilding reconstruction.

Over the past 70 years, OMFB have established themselves as an internationally renowned manufacturer of the highest-quality hydraulics components serving multiple market segments.

Partnering with OMFB was a natural choice for TES due to OMFB’s reliability, safety, and efficiency; all of which are crucial requirements in the transport industry.

TES will be showcasing OMFB Products including the HSV Safety valves at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 May 2023.

These valves are manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring high levels of safety and reliability. With their pilot-operated design, they offer the fastest lowering speeds on the market and minimal pressure drop. They also feature an emergency override function for added safety and security and a 1/8” to 6mm airline swivel fitting, making them easy to install and use.

In addition to the HSV Series valves, OMFB will also showcase its 2-function auxiliary radio remote tipper control kit at the Brisbane Truck Show.

The product has been designed to be installed in parallel to a manual pneumatic control and allows an operator to control a pneumatic tipping valve by means of a radio remote control and includes shuttle valves and fittings making it ideal for retrofitting to existing set-ups.

HSV safety valve.

With TES and OMFB showcasing the latest and greatest in hydraulic technology at the Brisbane Truck Show, technical experts from both businesses will be available to answer any questions visitors may have about their products, system solutions, and future directions in OMFB technology.

TES General Manager, Paul Lewin says it doesn’t matter if attendees are seasoned industry professionals or just getting started.

“All will be welcomed at the TES stand where they can experience the cutting-edge innovations that TES and OMFB have to offer,” he says.

“Technical experts from both TES and OMFB will be on hand to answer any questions visitors may have about our products, system solutions, and future direction in OMFB technology.”

The partnership between TES and OMFB is testament to the ongoing power of collaboration in the transport industry.

It was further strengthened following the opening of OMFB’s Australian branch in Tullamarine at the end of 2019, another initiative to best serve its customers.

Along with OMFB’s commitment to manufacture at the highest standards, its has afforded customers high-quality and reliable solutions that will help it to drive continuing innovations and continual improvement for the future.

The customer service the business offers, according to Paul, gives it a major advantage and point of difference from its competition.

OMFB 2-function auxiliary radio remote tipper control kit.

“We have OMFB product experts stationed in every mainland state, who are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to provide top-notch assistance with the fit-up of OMFB products and hydraulic systems,” says Paul.

“We take pride in our expanding workshop network, which includes a brand-new fleet of Mobile Service vans staffed by highly experienced hydraulics technicians. With on-site fit-ups and diagnostic support available, our customers can rely on us for efficient and effective solutions.”

Just as the partnership forged with OMFB represents a cornerstone of its success, TES places a high value on their deep technical expertise and local knowledge.

“Their Australian office provides us with unparalleled support and insight, which enables us to better serve our customers and stay ahead of the competition,” says Paul.

“Thanks to their expanding local technical and marketing team, we have been able to strengthen our collaboration and grow our partnership with OMFB even further.”

Visit stall 309 at the Brisbane Truck Show to talk with the team about how TES and OMFB can help with first-class solutions for your hydraulic needs.

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