Opticruise for all

Evaluation of the use of the new fully automated Scania Opticruise by the company has ascertained that the system will work at the highest horsepower. As a result, Scania has announced the two pedal system will be available across its entire range, including the 620hp V8 engines, in 2011.

The test program in a Scania R 560 V8 pulling a B-double at 60 tonnes in hilly country took place in Western Australia and the company, South West Express, said the 50,000km over which the truck travelled during the testing was incident free.

“Our new fully automated Scania Opticruise gearchange system had already met with very positive acceptance from operators in Australia in the up to 440hp segment,” said Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.
“However, we were keen to test how well the system would cope with Australian real-world conditions when mated with a V8 engine and pulling a fully laden B-double set.”

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