Operation Centurion

It’s safe to say that strong partnerships form the nucleus of the Centurion business, which was founded by brothers Frank and Carl Cadarci in 1971. Driven by the vision of owning 100 trucks, they chose the company name ‘Centurion’, a title inspired by their fascination of ancient Roman history, where the name was given to senior army officers commanding a battalion of 100 soldiers.

With the brothers leading the way, the Cadarci family has since developed Centurion into a full logistics solutions provider, delivering a comprehensive range of distribution, warehousing and project services across WA and around Australia. Its services cover lead logistics and off-site receiving for the energy and resource sectors, general freight, warehousing, refrigerated services, retail distribution, logistic support, over-dimensional transport, heavy haulage, specialised projects and time critical services.

After acquiring additional businesses in the construction, underground and earthmoving industries, Centurion is now represented as part the CFC Group. Today, the Centurion fleet has well outpaced the original vision of Frank and Carl Cadarci, now containing close to 1000 trucks, as well as a range of specialised equipment all fitted with the latest in transport technology.

In order to keep all those trucks working smoothly, Centurion has invested into an exclusive partnership with BP. In fact, the company has been a customer of the renowned fuel supplier since the late 1990s.

As an exclusive BP partner, Centurion’s drivers can access any BP service station using BP’s Bulk and Plus cards, while management is able to utilize BP’s comprehensive backup service, which includes full access to the BP website. The online service allows the company to quickly access its account and order additional fuel cards and replacements if needed.

As with every proven business relationship, products and services can sometimes take a back seat to the shared vision, and the Centurion-BP tandem is no different. The partnership not only involves everything fuel, but also promoting OH&S.

In 2012, for example, Centurion participated in BP’s Accredited Contractor Program (ACP), which is designed to assess BP’s contractor’s Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) management systems. The ACP assists BP in meeting its HSSE goals of no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment, by ensuring all business partners are successfully contributing to the achievement of these outcomes.

At the conclusion of the program, Centurion not only fulfilled the requirements, but also exceeded the benchmark HSSE assessment score and was promptly recognised by BP, who awarded the company with a High Achievement certificate.

According to Executive General Manager, Mark Doig, the certificate from BP was a fantastic achievement for Centurion and a credit to the company’s commitment and dedication to HSSE objectives. “At Centurion, safety is an important cornerstone of the business,” he says. “Protecting the safety of our people, our clients, our partners and the communities in which we operate, is at the heart of our operations and the way we run our business.”

To further emphasise its commitment to OH&S in all departments, Centurion operates under the ‘Think Safe, Act Safe’ philosophy, which focuses on the individual taking responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them by thinking and acting safely.

With its partnerships thriving and safety at the forefront of its operation, Centurion continues to build upon the foundation laid by the Cadarci brothers by continuously improving both its fleet its service offering. Recently, the company won long-term contracts with mining corporation, Rio Tinto, and oil and gas giant, Woodside, and has responded to that by investing more than $15 million into purchasing 130 new vehicles – consisting of a range of prime movers, rigids, smaller trucks and trailers with flatbeds, curtains and refrigerated vans.

According to Mark, the move was a significant investment for the company. “These contracts and the new fleet will give us a big role to play in the infrastructure development future of Perth and across regional communities in WA,” he says. “Having a larger fleet will also now mean greater efficiency and cost savings for our clients. We hope this move will also secure more growth for us.”

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