Open speed trials in Northern Territory

Truck drivers need to be aware of motorists as trials begin re-introducing open speed limits in the Northern Territory.

Minister for Transport Peter Styles urged all drivers to drive within their limits and the conditions of the time, when they were driving along the trial stretch of road.

“The Territory has a unique road network with long distances and low traffic volume. With the implementation of this trial we are putting the responsibility back on motorists,” he said.

Mr Styles reminded motorists this trial of revised speed limits was not a licence to drive recklessly, dangerously or without due care.

“Open speed limits means driving to the road conditions – driving within their own capabilities, the condition of the road, prevailing weather conditions and the standard of their vehicle.

“Police have already issued infringement notices to three drivers who were driving recklessly on the trial stretch and issued three notices to appear. They will continue to monitor this section of road, and all highways in the Territory, for people who are driving dangerously.

“If police believe you are driving recklessly, whether it is due to the road conditions or that your vehicle or tyres may not be up to standard to drive at excessive speed, they will book you,” he said.

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