Online mapping system for SA

The South Australian Government has released a new online mapping system called RAVnet which will allow entire route networks to be viewed on a single map. The system has been designed to provide heavy vehicle operators with information about route networks and restrictions across the state and will be live from 1 July.

South Australian Minister for Transport, Patrick Conlon, said that this next generation mapping system will assist those operating restricted access vehicles to quickly and easily identify approved route networks.

“RAVnet allows transport operators to efficiently undertake freight planning and logistics tasks where route maps need to be referenced,” said Minister Conlon.

“The new system is a step closer to enabling live approved heavy vehicle route networks to be accessed within the vehicle regardless of location and using in-vehicle technologies.”

He continued, “The new system is considerably easier for operators and drivers to use. You’ll only need to go to one online location to find all heavy vehicle route maps, as opposed to searching through countless web pages.

“You’ll control what map information you want to see and print by clicking on the listed approved route network. Maps can be printed in either colour or black and white or saved in PDF format for electronic storage on portable devices.

“The system also includes a pan feature, enabling the user to view specific areas on the map. In addition, the zoom feature provides control over the level of detail sought by the user.”

Minister Conlon said RAVnet is the result of collaboration between the State Government and the heavy vehicle industry.

“The pilot RAVnet system was demonstrated to members attending the Annual SARTA Conference in February 2011. Feedback was sought from those present and taken into account,” he said.

The RAVnet system will be progressed to include further information that is relevant and useful to operators of restricted access vehicles in South Australia.

Heavy vehicle operators will be able to access and use RAVnet by visiting the website.

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