Onboard compressed-air with Vanair

Infrastructure management, development and service provider, Jemena, has taken delivery of a fleet of Vanair Underdeck compressors, featuring air-ends from leading compressor technology group, Sullair Australia. Fitted to Jemena’s fleet of Isuzu 400 service repair trucks, the Vanair Underdeck units provide an innovative space-saving solution for onboard compressed air.

Vanair manufactures abovedeck and underdeck vehicle-mounted compressor systems – available from 60 to 200cfm – which can be retro-fitted to a wide range of commercial vehicles. The units are driven via a power take-off (PTO), either from the vehicle drive shaft, or hydraulically from the gearbox of the host vehicle. The Vanair Underdeck units supplied to Jemena are rated at 60 to 80cfm at a delivery pressure of 100 to 150psi, and utilise a gearbox driven PTO.

According to Wayne Bisset, Jemena Field Manager Sydney North-West, the Vanair Underdeck provides a convenient means for the Jemena repair and maintenance group to generate compressed air for the emergency and general maintenance work it conducts on-site.

“The Vanair Underdeck is a neat solution, which effectively takes up no load space and adds little weight,” he said. “We chose this solution as it was the best of its kind on the market, and we know Sullair has a reputation for reliability.”

In terms of output capacities, the Vanair Underdeck represents a space-saving alternative to tow-behind compressors. The use of the vehicle’s own drive system to run the compressor further reduces the size and weight of the underdeck.

The Vanair Underdeck has proved to be the perfect solution for Jemena’s utility service trucks, and has changed the way the company operates. “Previously, if we had needed compressed-air capabilities and an excavator for a repair, we would have required two crews and two vehicles: one to tow the compressor and one to tow the excavator. Now we can achieve the same outcome with a single crew,” said Wayne. “This has led to greater operational efficiency and a faster response time to complete repairs.”

The first of the fleet’s units was fitted to one of Jemena’s trucks for a three-month trial. The trial went well, and provided the opportunity to make a few minor modifications to the remaining vehicle-fits to tailor the solution for Jemena’s needs. Furthermore, Sullair has put a service agreement in place to ensure these Vanair Underdeck units continue to provide exemplary service to Jemena long into the future.

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