ODLS moves third 477-tonne superload 1000kms

Overdimensional Lift and Shift (ODLS) has used five prime movers to move a transformer from Victoria to New South Wales.

The 477-tonne heavy haulage assignment led by a Mack Titan traversed two states last month under supervision of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The load measured 125 metres in length and was 5.8 metres wide and 5.2m high with the ability to lower for structures/tunnels as required.

Anthony May, ODLS Director, who took part in the assignment, steering the rear trailer from the cabin, said it was the third and final delivery made on the Waratah Super Battery Project.

“It took five days all up with a 24 hour break in between,” he said.

“These transformers are on all night moves and ended up at the old power station at Lake Munmorah south of Newcastle.”

The 1,000 kilometre journey, assisted by four NHVR pilot and escort vehicles within Victoria, started at Wilson Transformers in Glen Waverley before it moved through the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to the Hume Highway and onwards to the Central Coast.

With Eraring Power Station anticipated to shut down in 2027, a Battery Energy Storage System has been conceived to ensure reliable energy supplies, and offer reserve transmission capacity and stability during emergencies.

The system will be capable of discharging up to 850MW, which includes a nominal 700MW of core service and an additional 150MW capacity to maximise availability of the core service.

The latest transformer was sent to the former Munmorah coal-fired power station which closed June 2012.

Two Mack Titans, two specialty-made Kenworth C501 Brutes and a Mercedes-Benz Actros 2763 were all working in tandem on the journey.

The Actros, which features an AMT transmission, comes with a retarder and torque converter.

The Mack Titans are built with double chassis rails and include a 4-speed joey box that enable up to 20 forward gears.

These trucks are rated from 190-tonnes to 250-tonnes.

May, who is 53 and been working in the industry since he was 15, said demand for superloads had increased through the burgeoning renewable energy sector and power suppliers ramping up their requirements for new transformers.

“We’ve already got a series of jobs lined up the first of which is in Adelaide where we’ll help transport a 200-tonne load bound for the Boorolong Wind Farm.”

Transformers coming off the wharf at Gladstone will, following that job, be transported by ODLS three hours north to a wind turbine project at Clark Creek.

There are nine heavy spec’d heavy duty trucks in the fleet.

Another new Kenworth Brute is on order and due in March next year.

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